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9 Ways to Create a Culture of Empathy & Responsibility Using Restorative Justice

You care but get frustrated. You see the same negative behaviors weighing down the class and school. You need to immediately read behaviors and cause lasting change. Students have challenges and barriers that have to be addressed. Get ready to spark lasting change in negative behaviors and forever alter your school’s discipline procedures. We will give you a glimpse into the eyes of even your most challenging students with sure ways to connect and empower their complete success.

Maynard and Weinstein write from experience, and they write from the heart. This book represents an ideal approach to managing student behavior and ensuring strong class climates. Maynard and Weinstein provide practical tips and strategies in the context of real world examples that all teachers can relate to. I love the fact that they are continually guided by the imperatives of changing the behavior and preserving the relationship. It’s an important read for teachers and administrators.
— Danny Steele, award-winning principal, Co-author of Essential Truths for Principals and Essential Truths for Teachers

Meet the authors

Authored by two Purdue University graduates, Hacking School Discipline helps schools integrate restorative practices into their culture through 9 easy steps.